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Mayor’s Message [Village Updates Edition]

Dear Residents and Friends of the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson,

It has been awhile since I have provided updates via social media and there is a lot to discuss. Firstly, as I round into my final eleven months in office, you need to know the priorities of which I remain hyper-focused. They remain consistent with what I championed during my first mayoral campaign in 2021: public safety, remediation of crumbling infrastructure, and “the little things.”

The attached photographs depict some of “the little things.” Our intrepid DPW crews continue to upgrade and tidy up our parks down at the Riverfront, along Dockhill Road and along the Boulevard. Seeding, top soiling, “freshening up” the dilapidated park signs, and assembling new picnic tables for park users. We also continue to find funding for new sidewalks. After the Curie Road project and several curb replacements (such as COH Elementary School frontage), Monday will begin the replacement of more Hudson Street sidewalks and aprons from 2 Alices to Quigley-Sullivan Funeral Home. This is a prime walking path and helps to interconnect the Town with our central business district in the Village, and traverses across Village Hall. With the impending Art Walks and other special events, it enhances the walkability of our special village.

Speaking of art, the Village is in the process of initiating a loan agreement with local sculptor Vivien Collens to emplace several of her large sculptures along Hudson Street and in proximity to where the soon-to-be under construction Dockhill Road connector trail will connect the Lower Village with the Donahue Farm Property and the Riverfront. This will be a value-added feature for the enjoyment of residents and visitors alike. And for those frustrated by the proliferation of potholes, our crews will be out next week as the weather continues to warm and will make the necessary interim repairs. Please keep in mind that 218 and Academy Avenue are NYS roads. We also are heavily engaged with FEMA, USDA, Scenic Hudson, and Central Hudson regarding remediation and repairs related to flood damages from the four major, hyper-localized storms we have suffered since December of 2022. I know this makes no one happy to hear – but it’s a process and unfortunately, often moves at a glacial pace. Please know that your Village is on it. And expect to see some road surfaces repaved THIS season.

Now, to the Bandstand. Erected in 1985 in honor of our Village’s centennial, it has taken some beatings from the elements and use. We determined there was major water damage to the ceiling due to a leak within the enclosed gutter system. We hired contractors (including local resident and expert carpenter Doug Spaulding) to painstakingly disassemble portions and make the repairs. Rest well knowing this remediation will result in decades more of enjoyment by Village residents. Next year, we will celebrate the bandstand’s 40th and our Village’s 140-year anniversary. And speaking of the bandstand, thanks to Eddie Hurley for again expertly booking our annual concert series. First concert is May 28th and will feature a combination of classic pop-rock and country-folk music performed by Frank Rudolph’s Main Street Music Studio “Student Band.” That same evening, the Town Supervisor and I will be co-hosting the monthly meeting of the Orange County Association of Towns, Villages, and Cities at Storm King Lounge & Fare. What a great opportunity for mayors and supervisors across County to see this community rock.

As an aside, on Wednesday, San Miguel Academy held a “boat christening” for their rowing program. Headquartered in Newburgh, SMA performs wonders in inspiring and motivating at-risk children and helping them to succeed in the academic realm while participating in an incredibly successful high school rowing program. I was humbled to be but a small part of the event held at the Riverfront and walked away appreciative that we get to share the gift that is Donahue Memorial Park with an organization that provides so much give-back to our youth.

Can't also forget to send a huge "thank you" shoutout to the Cornwall Conservation Advisory Council for sponsoring and leading last weekend's River Sweep event at the Riverfront. Carla Castillo and Ted Warren do a wonderful job each year "herding cats" and directing the clean-up efforts. GREAT turnout this year. And what clean-up effort in Cornwall or Cornwall-on-Hudson doesn't include the amazing orange-shirted volunteers from the Cornwall Cleanup Crew? We owe all of these volunteers a HUGE debt of gratitude for helping preserve our waterfront and keep it pristine for residents and visitors and future generations alike to enjoy.

Lastly, I, along with two Trustees Braine and Paliotta, will be attending the New York Conference of Mayors annual conference at Lake George for a few days next week. Wonderful opportunity to compare “best practices” with elected colleagues and learn a little bit more about policies and protocols in municipal government from the NYCOM team.

All for now. Thank you all for your interest, involvement, and investment in our community.

On behalf of your Village Board,

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano


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