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Please find the most up to date notices from the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson.

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January 23, 2024

Mayor’s Message [Postponement of Joint Special Meeting with Town Related to Water System]:

Dear Residents and Friends of the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson,

I am making the difficult decision to cancel Thursday’s scheduled Joint Special Meeting that was to conjoin the Village Board and Town Council and was related to water system matters that impact both municipalities. We will reschedule the meeting for Thursday, February 29, 2024 at 7:00 p.m., again to be held at Village Hall, 325 Hudson Street, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520.

This office will ensure we post the notice across all platforms well in advance of new date.

After careful consideration and discussions with a number of residents who all get their news from different sources, I simply want to ensure we are making a solid effort to publicly notice this meeting on all the appropriate sites. I sincerely apologize for any confusion this may have caused. But far better to take a step back and ensure we have a well-informed community.

On behalf of your Village Board,

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano


January 9, 2023

Mayor’s Message [Impending Weather Warning Edition]:

Dear Residents and Friends of the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson,

As the region braces for yet another significant weather event -- one which compounds melting snow, high winds, and yet another hyper-localized rainfall, here are some forecasting and precautionary information provided by the County Executive’s Office and the Orange County Deputy Commissioner for Emergency Management, Alan C. Mack:

“[T]he Orange County Emergency Management team is closely monitoring the forecast for upcoming Winter Storm Finn. Today’s storm, combined with recent Winter Storm Ember, may be problematic because of wind and potential flooding. The National Weather Service forecast shows temperatures leaving the low twenties up to a high of 52 degrees. At the same time, the wind will slowly ramp up to steady-state 22 MPH with gusts up to the mid-thirties. At 10:00 AM, we’ll have another small round of snow, with no appreciable accumulation. None of these (on their own) are a problem, but starting at 1:00 PM, rain begins to fall around the County until 1:00 PM Wednesday. 7:00 PM Tuesday night thru 7:00 AM Wednesday is the main problem. The rain is forecasted to fall hard and fast with excessive volume. We may receive over two inches of rain between 7:00 PM -7:00 AM. This is a lot of rain on its own, but the snow on the ground will melt with the higher temperatures and the large volume of rain. The snow that fell during Ember had a 7:1 liquid to snow ratio (seven inches of snow equals one inch of water). Based on past experiences, we believe we’re going to see some significant localized flooding.”

So, as our Village (and Town) crews continue to labor to mitigate flooding within the greater Cornwall area, and in coordination with Cornwall’s Office of Emergency Management Director Kurt Hahn, we are making available a supply of sand bags and sand within the Village at our Municipal Water Building located at 21 Maple Avenue. Any Village OR Town residents seeking to use sandbags to redirect water can stop by and are encouraged to take up to TEN sandbags. You will have to fill them yourself with material and shovels provided. Please take only up to ten bags. Honor System is in effect. You may use our municipal lot to fill bags while securing them and park without obstructing. Please respect the neighborhood while you are doing so. This was the best agreed-upon location that will be open 24/7 and available until material supply runs out.

For Village residents: To be kept informed, you  may register for the Village’s messaging system by either texting the keyword COH1250 to 99411 or by clicking on the below weblink:

The guidance from the County is to be taken seriously. Within the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson, our stalwart road crews continue to remove snow from the streets and are working to clear any and all obstructed storm drains, ensuring a path for melting snow and impending rainfall. The volume of rain we are expecting – much like the storms of 12/23/2022, 7/9/2023, and 12/17/2023 – will overwhelm our storm drain system. Some of our infrastructure simply cannot handle what the Governor of New York State has referred to as a “1,000-year storm” – the types of storms we are seeing all too frequently of late. We will continue to keep residents updated with any relevant storm-related news or precautions. Please reach out with any needs.

Mayor’s office number: (845) 534-4200 (x311).

On behalf of your Village Board,

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano



Season’s Greetings!

Great news, Winter is here and the days are getting longer! Its time to purchase your 2024 Donahue Park Vehicle and boat-trailer parking stickers. You can purchase during Village office hours at 325 Hudson Street, C-O-H 8:30-4 :30 Mon- Fri. Payments can be made with cash, check or credit/debit. After hours, please use drop box and include application, copy of valid vehicle registration and cash or check payment.

Applications are available at Village Hall or can be printed from our website: We will also accept mailed applications with copies of your
registration and cash or check payment. Further questions can be answered at :845-534-4200 x 315.

Happy New Year and Enjoy the Park!
Village Clerk’s Office

July 9, 2023 6 p.m.


A State of Emergency is hereby declared in the
effective at 18:00PM on July 9, 2023.

This State of Emergency has been declared due to SEVERE WEATHER EVENT: SEVERE FLOODING EVENT.

This situation threatens the public safety.

This State of Emergency will remain in effect until rescinded by a subsequent order.


I, JAMES A. GAGLIANO exercise the authority given me under Section 24 of the New York State Executive Law, to preserve the public safety and render all required and available assistance vital to the security, well-being, and health of the citizens of the VILLAGE OF CORNWALL-ON-HUDSON, NY.

I hereby direct all departments and agencies of the VILLAGE OF CORNWALL-ON-HUDSON to take whatever steps necessary to protect life and property, public infrastructure, and provide such emergency assistance deemed necessary.

Both the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson and the Town of Cornwall, New York have declared states of emergency due to flooding. With more rain anticipated into the evening hours, receding water levels may return to dangerously high levels as the weather worsens.
Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Director Kurt Hahn advises that travel be restricted to emergency vehicles and first responders ONLY. If you are in need of rescue, immediately dial 911. We are deploying resources across the area.
Munger Cottage, located at 40 Munger Drive, in the Town of Cornwall, will be open to serve as a reception center for displaced residents. A CODE RED notification alert has been issued and will be utilized to provide further information. You can register for CODE RED by texting Keyword: COH12520 to 99411.


Wednesday, June 28, 5:30 pm–7:30 pm

Cornwall New York Forward

Local Planning Committee (LPC) Meeting #2

June 28, 2023, 5:30-7:30 pm

Village Hall of Cornwall-on-Hudson

325 Hudson Street, Cornwall-On-Hudson, NY 12520

This meeting will be livestreamed

What is New York Forward?

The NY Forward (NYF) program, announced by Governor Hochul in 2022, is a program designed to invigorate and enliven downtowns in New York’s smaller and rural communities – the types of downtowns found in village, hamlets, and other small, neighborhood-scale municipal centers. The goal is to transform downtowns into vibrant, flourishing neighborhoods focused on sustainable economies and development to create areas where the next generations of New Yorkers will want to live, work, and raise a family.
Each New York State Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) nominates two or three communities for the NYF award. This award intends to fund projects for redevelopment, job creation, public improvements, and business and housing opportunities.
In February 2023, the Town of Cornwall and Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson were selected as one of the NYF awardees to receive $4.5 million.
A six-month planning process will link the community’s vision, goals, and revitalization strategies to specific projects that have the potential to revitalize downtown Cornwall. This process will be guided by a Local Planning Committee (LPC), which consists of local and regional leaders.

What kinds of projects are eligible for NYF funding?

Projects selected for NYF funding should advance the program’s goal of catalyzing the development of an active downtown, enhancing public spaces, and growing the local economy.
An open, community-based planning process has been created to promote innovation and creativity within the project application timeline.
A Call for Projects will be issued June 16 and explain the eligibility requirements for potential projects. The LPC will select a slate of projects for inclusion in the NYF Strategic Investment Plan, which will be submitted to the multi-agency State NYF program for final funding decisions. LPC meetings will be open to the public and will be livestreamed.
Virtual Office Hours will be held twice throughout the duration of the Call for Projects. Links to the Office Hours will be posted on the Cornwall NYF website (

Office Hours:  June 27: 4pm – 6pm & July 13: 11am – 1pm

To learn more, visit


The Village Board encourages any local non-profit organization or private business located within the central business district along the Hudson Street corridor to consider attending the upcoming Cornwall NY Forward public workshop #1 on June 15th.
Thursday, June 15, 5:30 pm–7:30 pm
Munger Cottage
40 Munger Drive, Cornwall, NY
This is your first of only two scheduled opportunities to present your proposed project for consideration – and/or have your relevant questions answered -- as part of our $4.5 million grant award proposed distribution process.
Join us to learn more about the New York Forward (NYF) program and the Open Call for Projects process. Together we’ll identify opportunities and challenges in Cornwall’s downtown districts and shape the community’s vision and goals to help move Cornwall forward.
The Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson and Town of Cornwall
were awarded $4.5 million through the NYF program,
to create a more walkable, sustainable, resilient,
and economically robust downtown area.


July 19-22, 2023

Home of the Red Shirts

C-O-H School 233 Hudson Street

July 19th & 20th 6pm-10pm

July 21st 6pm-11pm

July 22nd 4pm-11pm


Early Bird Special July 20th (Rain Day 7/21) 9:30-12:30 Three hours of rides, lunch, snack and a show for $26

Call for more info 845-494-5033


Flyer for posting

May 30, 2023

Dear Residents and Friends of the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson,

Please see the attendant photo attachments that highlight our 2023 Bandstand Concert series schedule (that begins tonight at 6:30 p.m.), the upcoming Movies on the Hudson event (Top Gun Maverick) scheduled for this Friday evening at the riverfront, beginning with a musical set from The Gioias at 6:30 p.m., and finally, top off your weekend with culmination of 2023 RiverFest at Donahue Memorial Park on Sunday, June 4th, between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Hope to see you at one, two, or all of three of these quintessentially Cornwall-on-Hudson events.

On behalf of your Village Board,
James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano


The Orange County Clerk’s Mobile DMV is coming to town Thursday June 29th to Village Hall 325 Hudson Street