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Please find the most up to date notices from the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson.

Dear Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson friends and residents,

Hoping you are all enjoying the warm Spring temperatures and seeing all the blooms on the trees along Hudson Street. Just a couple of items to put on your radar:

After sixteen years of usage, it was time to replace and refurbish the dock planking and provide our boat dock at Donahue Memorial Park with a bit of tender loving care. See the attached photographs of the newly reinstalled dock. It’s safer and much more aesthetically pleasing. Make sure you thank a Department of Public Works employee when next you see one of them.

Speaking of the park, the Village Board will vote next Monday at the April business meeting to codify the fee schedule for reservations of Village park properties and facilities. This means that the new pavilion will soon be available to rent for your event. Stay tuned for posted details.

Finally, today opens Summer Camp registration (9:00 a.m.) through the Town’s new online registration site: You may also take advantage of in-person registration at Rec. Department (located at Munger Cottage). Payment online available via credit card and if in person, options include cash, check, or credit card payment. Contact Laura Kirby of Phyllis Murphy at the Town of Cornwall Rec. Department at (845) 534-2070 with any questions.

 On behalf of your Village Board,

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano

Dear Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson friends and residents,

As the weather warms up, you’ll begin to see our Department of Public Works and associated contractors out preparing for the Spring/Summer Seasons. As a reminder: Yard Waste Pick-up begins Monday, April 1, 2024 and Bulk Pickup is scheduled for Monday, April 22, 2024.

A few ongoing projects that I felt worthy and instructive to share with you. As our Village celebrates its 140-year anniversary in 2025 and our bandstand prepares to celebrate its 140th-anniversary in August of 2026, please know that the Village will be making some repairs and providing upkeep to the current bandstand (which was a replacement in 1985). The weather has not been kind to the structure and we are committed to refurbishing this cherished facility in time for the opening Tuesday of our Bandstand Concert Series scheduled for May 28, 2024.

I’ve attached some photos hereon as well. Photos one through three highlight the great work our DPW crews are doing to repair our dock sections at Donahue Memorial Park. Sixteen years of waves and weather put a beating on the old dock. Photo four highlights the work being done at the Pavilion to interconnect a paver walkway with Shore Road, the Pavilion, and our composting toilets -- and provide electricity to the Pavilion. And finally, photos five, six, and seven are of sidewalk work currently ongoing along Curie Road. Homeowners, apartment dwellers, and children walking to the Middle School have patiently awaited this project completion for a number of years. Safety is a primary consideration – but the walkability aesthetics are a bonus.

These are just a tiny sampling of the early-Spring projects your Village is currently undertaking.  

On behalf of your Village Board,

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano


June 30, 2022


Mayor’s Message (Independence Day and Infrastructure Repairs Edition):

Dear Cornwall-on-Hudson residents, neighbors, and friends:

Well, as the kids would say – “It’s been about a minute.” Which translated for us Boomers and Gen. X’ers means … It has been ages since my last drafted “mayor’s message.” Please do not interpret that to mean that there is nothing going on. We have been busier, as the saying goes, than a cross-eyed rooster on an anthill.

You might have noticed the multitude of infrastructure projects underway in the Village. Some have been long-planned, such as the impending full milling and paving by NYS of 218. You’ll see workers retrofitting and pouring concrete for curbs and sidewalks adjacent to crosswalks, according to ADA-compliance standards. Note that we, the Village DPW, took on repaving the stretch of Hudson that isn’t part of 218, from Academy to First Street, last month. And you have probably seen sidewalk projects that we have contracted for repairs and/or replacement along Idlewild Avenue, as well as the length of Second Street from St. Thomas R.C. Church down to Academy.

Monies spent on critical infrastructure such as transportation byways (of which pedestrian footpaths and vehicular thoroughfares are included) are certainly well worth it. Of course, we cannot replace or “make new again” everything all at one time. But hasn’t precluded us from putting together short-term and long-term plans that “triage” levels of immediacy. Goal here is not to gouge you with taxes – but to be smart about our budget and time/money investments with our department personnel. Believe we have found the appropriate “sweet spot.” In areas where we simply cannot replace sidewalks this season, we have contracted out for concrete-cutting to smooth jagged edges and limit the dangers posed by the asymmetry of broken or lifted concrete.

We will also continue our “re-foliation” efforts in parks and along streets. You’ll notice some of the plantings last Fall along Hudson Street were strategically placed (not under power lines) and carefully selected for their indigenous, non-invasive, and height-restricted qualities. These trees are not just aesthetically pleasing, they help the environment and contribute to our community’s sustainability and resiliency.

Here are some photos to highlight the above efforts:

Water Superintendent Trainor providing me site walk-throughs at the Chestnut and Mill Streets water main and sidewalk projects (both in the Town) today.

Second Street sidewalk replacement (one).
Second Street sidewalk replacement (one)

 Second Street sidewalk replacement (two).

 Hudson Street sidewalk replacement (by Cumberland Farms).
Hudson Street sidewalk replacement (by Cumberland Farms)

 Mountain Road and Hudson Street (218) NYS sidewalk repair.
 Mountain Road and Hudson Street (218) NYS sidewalk repair.

Church Street and Hudson Street (218) NYS sidewalk repair.

Church Street and Hudson Street (218) NYS sidewalk repair.

 Idlewild (near River Avenue intersection) concrete repair and polishing

Idlewild and Park Street sidewalk replacement.
Idlewild and Park

 Hudson Street planting (one).
Hudson Street Planting

Hudson Street planting (two).

Great news for those who love Cornwall’s Independence Day celebration. Word on the street is that following the 2020 cancellation due to the pandemic and last year’s streamlined (no fireworks) 2021 version – We’re BACK BIGTIME in 2022! For entire schedule and information about Monday’s events, go to:

One last scheduling note: The Cornwall-on-Hudson Special Events Committee advises that due to the threat of rain on Saturday, “A League of Their Own” is being moved up to Friday (tomorrow). Movie begins right after sundown, around 9:30 p.m. at DMP.

As you can well see – lots going on ‘round these parts. Stay safe and healthy. And, have a wonderful Independence Day weekend. Village Hall will be closed on Monday.

On behalf of the Village Board,

Mayor James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano


The Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson is excited to introduce its electronic utility bill (e-Bill) to enable our customers to ‘Go Paperless’. e-Billing will be available to all of our customers beginning May 28, 2021.

The e-Bill is an electronic version of your Village Utility Bill and will be e-mailed directly to registered customers enrolled in our e-Bill program. Customers may sign up for e-Bills using the link on the home page or below.

The benefits of using our e-Bill system are:

  • Online Bill Payment - You can also pay your bill online by registering a credit card with the e-bill system or if you choose, you can still pay by mail or in person at the Village Hall. You can also use the Bill Pay service provided by your bank of choice.
  • Receive your bill faster to avoid missing due bills. Signing up for paperless billing doesn't change your due date.
  • View and access your e-Bill anytime and anywhere. For your convenience, you can review your bills going back 24 months.
  • A e-Bill is sent directly and securely to your registered email account. If you ever have problems receiving emails from us, check your spam, bulk or junk folders, and then add [email protected] to your approved senders list. This will mitigate the risk of it getting lost.
  • Environmentally friendly – Enrolling in our e-Bill system reduces paper usage and helps to save our trees.

To enroll, customers need to visit the Village website at and click on the “Pay My Utility Bill” button on the home page. You then will need to provide your house/building number, your entire account number (ex. 009021-000) and e-mail address. Once enrolled customers may choose to no longer receive paper bills and receive their monthly e-Bill via their registered email address. This will ensure that all of our customers receive their utility bill in a timely and secure manner.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at (845) 534-4200 Ext. 312 or email [email protected]. We are excited to be able to provide this new e-Bill opportunity to you and for its successful implementation. 


Spring is upon us and that means its time to flush fire hydrants. The Water Department will be flushing fire hydrants beginning on Monday April 5, 2021 in the Town of Cornwall. Flushing will continue for the entire month of April. You may experience clouded or discolored water along with lower than normal water pressure when hydrants are being flushed in your neighborhood. Sign up for messages about hydrant flushing in your neighborhood by texting the keyword COH12520 to 99411 to stay informed. You can check out answers to many commonly asked questions about hydrant flushing here on the website


Village of Cornwall on Hudson

Department of Public Works

325 Hudson Street

Cornwall on Hudson, NY 12520

Located At 50 Shore Road


Repairs of Hudson Street due to new gas line installation

Crews from Blacktop Maintenance Corporation will be performing the repairs on Hudson St from Maple Ave to the Top of Dockhill Rd. 

The work is tentatively scheduled to start on Monday April 20 2020 with work starting on the North bound lane.

On Tuesday April 21st thru Friday April 24th the South bound lane will be milled and paved. There will be NO PARKING on that side during working hours (7:30am until 5:00pm) as they will be milling and paving from curb to center line. They will be posting NO PARKING SIGNS.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation.        


     David Halvorsen

    Superintendent of Public Works