Committee Members

Mary Donahue

Dave Work – Chair

Dan Poindexter – Secretary

Phylis Murphy – Activity Sub-Committee Chair

Cara Gilardo – Garden Sub-Committee Chair

Deke Hazirjian – Facility Sub-Committee Chair

Erik Denega

Dominic Cordisco

Brendan Coyne

Historic Sub-Committee

Kathleen Christiansen – Chair

Mary Donahue

Sally Faith Dorfman

Advisory Member

Patricia Larkin

Village Board Liason

Bill Braine


Donahue Committee

Donahue Farm and Donahue Memorial Park are located in Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY nestled at the base of Storm King Mountain along and above the Hudson River.   The two properties are treasured local resources with historically significance to the Village and the greater Hudson Valley, playing roles in among other things the modern environmental movement.

The 47-acre Donahue Farm was established in the 1880’s and later purchased by the Donahue Family under the name Windon Farm. A lot of local history has taken place on this property – from Dr Donahue’s veterinary hospital to Cornwall past’s annual 4th of July festivities. Sometime before 1874 through at least 1884, it was known as Bellows Farm. During the 1890s, William F. Gwyer owned the farm and built his patented, impressive 30-foot-tall aviary in 1897 which housed wild and domestic birds. From 1890-1899, there was a wood turning workshop at the farm, noted for its fine cedar turnings and the production of “Cedrene” cedar chips whose properties prevented pest infiltration. In 1902, E. P. Thompson announced the auction of furniture and farm equipment after the passing of Mr. Gwyer. In 1906, the Pagenstechers purchased the farm and raised poultry as an important business. During 1941, Dr. Donahue purchased the farm. Today the former wood turning workshop is now a private residence on site.

The current Donahue Memorial Park was the initial settlement at Cornwall Landing that ultimately expanded to become what is now known as the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson.   A variety of commercial and industrial efforts have historically occurred in this location, culminating with the purchase of the properties by Consolidated Edison, a years long battle over construction of a pump storage plant on Storm King Mountain and ultimately the transfer of these properties to the Village of Cornwall on Hudson and New York State Parks, the portion owned by Cornwall-On-Hudson was dedicated as a park.

Both properties are named for Dr. Michael Donahue, who served as a veterinarian of large and small animals from 1941 until 1980, as well as twenty-eight years of continuous appointed and elected service as mayor of Cornwall on Hudson, which is unparalleled in the history of Cornwall since its establishment in 1788.

The Donahue Committee is appointed by the Village Board and is consolidation of the Donahue Farm Planning Steering and Riverfront Committees.   The Donahue Committee’s general charge is to advise and coordinate with the Village and other stakeholders for improvements, operations, activities and uses at both properties.   Construction, operation, and maintenance of the community garden is a significant role of the Committee. 

The Village of Cornwall on Hudson and its Donahue Committee is working to ensure that future generations of residents and visitors enjoy Donahue Farm and Memorial Park as sites for education, recreation, and appreciation of natural beauty.

Please consult with the Village calendar for the next scheduled Committee meeting.

Please contact the Committee at [email protected] with any questions.Donahue Farm


Donahue Farm and Fields