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Dear Residents and Friends of the greater Cornwall area,

Tonight, Thursday, September 21, 2023, beginning at 7:00 p.m., inside the Edward C. Moulton, Jr. boardroom located at Village Hall, 325 Hudson Street, Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York, the Village Board will be joined by the Town Council for a special meeting related to a preliminary review of a DRAFT water system master plan (prepared by the Village Engineer).

This meeting is the third joint session of recent vintage and will serve as an opportunity for the board and council to have a first look at exactly where Cornwall and Cornwall-on-Hudson stand related to our aging, failing, and crumbling water system infrastructure. Presentations from Village Engineer Jason Pitingaro and Water Superintendent Michael Trainor will kick things off. Afterwards, the two elected bodies will engage in initial talks regarding the current state of our infrastructure and potential paths forward.

The meeting is scheduled for two and one-half hours and is OPEN to the public, space available. It will also be livestreamed and remotely accessible to witness in real time via a link to be provided on the Village website and Facebook page. Those unable to join can also access archived video of the proceedings to be posted later to our YouTube page. There will also be a limited period towards the end of the meeting for public comment for those in attendance.

Please understand – this is the INITIAL unveiling of the draft plan. Every issue will not be resolved tonight. This meeting is designed for the Village – which controls the greater Cornwall area’s water system infrastructure (to include 16,000 customers, 52 miles of subterranean water mains, five reservoirs and attendant dams, a well field, and treatment facilities) – to lay out focused priorities for repairs, remediation, and upgrades to a water system introduced in 1888. 

Full transparency is the goal, followed by prioritized “action items.” Exists no panacea of solutions or bottomless pot of funding to solve every crisis now. But we would be derelict in our duties as custodians of our community’s precious resource not to begin to address them soon – as opposed to continuous kicking of the metaphorical can down the road. Let’s begin the process of proactivity and cease the reactionary posture. There are only so many band-aids we can apply to our system. Join us tonight or tune in later to hear the discussion regarding our future.

On behalf of your Village Board,

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano


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Cornwall New York Forward
Local Planning Committee (LPC) Meeting #4
September 27, 2023, 5:00 – 8:00 PM
Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson Village Hall
325 Hudson Street, Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York 12520
This meeting will be livestreamed via ZOOM.
(Visit the Village/Town websites for the link)
Join the fourth LPC meeting for Cornwall’s New York Forward. LPC members will learn about the current slate of preliminary projects through project sponsor presentations.
Please note that LPC meetings are public working meetings for committee members. Due to the length of the meeting, time will be held after the project sponsor presentations for public comment.
The public will be able to provide input on the preliminary slate of projects at Public Workshop #2 on October 12, 2023

Recording of the meeting is available on our youtube channel: