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Mayor’s Message [Village Code Sidewalk Snow and Ice Removal Responsibilities Edition]

Dear Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson residents,

Tuesday’s winter storm, blessedly, was not as paralyzing as some forecasters had anticipated. Regardless, the greater Cornwall area received upwards of 10.4”. The Village’s Department of Public Works did their per usual job of keeping our roadways clear and ensuring our safety on the roads. These crews deserve a lot of credit. It is a small department and they get the job done.

Several residents had reached out to me regarding clearance of snow from sidewalks around the Village. Their valid concerns were from a public safety aspect – pedestrians (especially COHES school kids) having to veer off the uncleared sidewalks and into the roadway while on foot.

I wanted to ensure that everyone is well versed in our Village code regarding snow and ice removal from sidewalks. Per Village code, § 135-8, the duty to keep sidewalks clear of snow and ice falls on the respective homeowner or business. This includes any/all sidewalks adjoining such properties and for the “full paved width of such sidewalk.” Now, historically, the Village – as a courtesy – has endeavored to clear all sidewalks as soon as the roadways, parking spaces, and municipal lots have been cleared of snow and ice. It’s a process and takes time. But our policy to courtesy-clear sidewalks as soon as possible around the Village remains in effect.

However, please note that by code, § 135-9 (time limit for removal), residents and businesses have “24 hours after the end of a snowfall” to clear sidewalks adjoining their property. Also, by code, § 135-11 (removal by Village), the DPW Superintendent can provide notice to a violative property owner and require remediation within four hours. Via code, § 135-12 (cost of removal), property owners could be charged “a bill for the removal of snow,” issued by the Village Clerk.

Again, please know that under this administration, Village will continue longstanding tradition to assist residents and business owners by helping remove snow from sidewalks. Please be patient with us as we work through the priority matrices. The Village Board simply felt it imperative to better educate all of us – myself included, as I had to research – as to Village’s responsibilities.

On behalf of your Village Board,

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano


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