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Please find the most up to date notices from the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson.

Mayor’s Message (Village History Edition):

March 10, 2022

Dear Cornwall-on-Hudson residents, neighbors, and friends:

Noted American novelist and Nobel laureate, William Faulkner, in “Requiem for a Nun” famously penned the line – “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” The quote has been applied in various forms across the literary and political worlds since “Nun” published in 1951 – most recently by then-presidential candidate, Barack Obama, in 2008. History can certainly haunt us, but it also serves to guide and instruct; as in how can we know where we are headed without understanding where we have been? While buildings and properties are inanimate objects, they can also possess a “soul” of sorts.

And so, as we close in on (hopefully) the end of Winter and look towards Spring, important to share that we will continue to be stalwart caretakers and good stewards of all Village properties. If you happen to detect something overlooked on Village-owned property, please reach out to the mayor’s office: (845) 534-4200 (x311) and let us know. Across the past year, we have spent considerable time and focus on renovations, clean-ups, and cosmetic face-lifts. And while the recent purchase of some 47 acres at the old Donahue Farm property comes with challenges, it also affords us abundant opportunities. Interested in sharing your opinion for its future use? Please visit the Donahue committee’s Facebook page:

We are also performing some remediation and renovations at several Village facilities. Keep an eye open for some beautification efforts at the old Water Department municipal facility on Maple Avenue when Spring arrives. And look for the daffodils that should soon bloom along Hudson Street (Thank you, Mrs. Barbara Gosda) and provide additional splendor in and around Village Hall at 325 Hudson Street. Speaking of Village Hall …

(Photo One): Black and White image of how the future Village Hall appeared when it was a Ford car dealership in 1949.


(Photo Two): Color image of same building in 1962 when a Mobil gas station was added to the dealership. Check out those gas prices – 28.9 cents and 32.9 cents per gallon.

Building eventually became a bank before the Village took possession during early 90’s.

REMINDER: Please do not park along Village streets in advance of expected snowfalls.

On behalf of the Village Board, stay safe and healthy, all.

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano


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