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Mayor's Update 1-15-21

January 15, 2021

Dear Village Folks:

Good Friday afternoon.

I’m happy to report that the COVID-19 vaccine is now available to the Village’s first responders. Our police officers and firefighters are getting vaccinated. The vaccine has also become available to our essential workers, employees in the Public Works and Water departments.

We recently posted a wonderful video of majestic Storm King Mountain on the Village website. The video shows Storm King in all its glory. Kathleen Christensen, Village Historian, is developing a small library on the Battle for Storm King, the 17-year successful effort to stop Con Edison from building a power plant on the mountain.   

At the Village Board’s Work Session Monday night, I announced plans to purchase Donahue Farm. The property has many potential uses including a community center, an athletic playing field, hiking and a wedding venue. The property was the original site of the Cornwall Independence Day Celebration.  

As we continue to cope with COVID-19, please carry on with staying safe: wash your hands frequently, wear your mask and keep six feet away from people.

Enjoy your weekend.

All the best,

Brendan Coyne


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