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Mayor's Notice April 24

Settling into a new routine and getting the protocol down.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Village Folks:

So, Village residents appear to have COVID-19 protocol down. We’ve sort of settled into a new routine.

Village government has been holding virtual meetings to keep providing essential services. If you have a question, please contact us at 534-4200 or [email protected] for Village business. Visit our website ( for information on the Village.

A number of local events have been postponed or canceled due to the virus. The vehicle parade, planned by Cornwall-on-Hudson Elementary School that had been tentatively scheduled for today, has been postponed. The American Legion will conduct a brief ceremony on Memorial Day but no parade. I’m sorry to report that RiverFest has been canceled.

Governor Cuomo has not said anything new about when our schools will open. And the pause button is still on until Friday, May 15.

While life has come to a standstill in many ways, lots of activities are taking place virtually. People are setting up gatherings, taking classes and touring all over the world. You can get some ideas by joining Things to Do in the Hudson Valley on Facebook. Please continue to support our local businesses by ordering take-out food when you can.

In addition to our health professionals and first responders, let’s be grateful to clergy and therapists who help us deal with anxiety and saying farewell to loved ones.

I thank you for your patience in complying with safety protocol. Let’s continue to help each other get through this challenging time.


Stay healthy!

Brendan G. Coyne


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