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Manny C and Meagan G
Mayor’s Message - St. Paddy’s Day Edition

March 17, 2022


Mayor’s Message (St. Paddy’s Day Edition):

Dear Cornwall-on-Hudson residents, neighbors, and friends:

Let me begin by wishing everyone a safe and healthy St. Patrick’s Day. With a surname like Gagliano, no doubt of my Sicilian heritage. But, my DNA results acknowledge my 10% Irish ancestry – and with that, I wish all, Sláinte (“Health” in Irish and Scottish Gaelic).

Would also like to extend congratulations to Deputy Mayor James P. Kane and Trustee Richard Gaillard. Both return to the Village Board after Tuesday’s election: Kane for his seventh 2-year term and Gaillard for his second. Welcome back. Now, let’s get to work.

SPOTLIGHT: The Village Building Department and its new Code Enforcement Officer, Manny A. Carmona [see attached photo of Manny, along with Planning Board Secretary, Meagan Gschwind]. Manny joins us following retirement from the United States Air Force and the Building Department in Spring Valley (Rockland County), New York. He now works full-time for the Village of Nyack, New York, and part-time for Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson. He is husband and father of three boys. His recreational pursuits include dancing, sports, motorcycles, family trips and “get-togethers.”

Mission of the COH Building Department is to “protect the lives and safety of the residents and visitors of the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson, while preserving the quality of life, and contributing to economic development.” Manny wishes to remind the community that he is available to answer questions about fire safety, construction projects, property maintenance, and complaints via office phone: (845) 534-7656, Fax: (845) 534-7607, and email address: [email protected].

REMINDER: Please be patient with our Department of Public Works. This winter has seen temperature fluctuations [freeze-thaw-freeze-thaw] that have done an absolute number on our Village roadways. We are in the process of cleaning up curb debris and cold-patching the most dangerous potholes. Route 218 (Hudson Street) is a State road. While it remains NYS’s responsibility, we do contribute to its continued maintenance. This roadway is scheduled to be repaved this Fall. Promise you – we’re tending to the potholes.

On behalf of the Village Board, stay safe and healthy, all.

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano


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