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Mayor’s Message -Donahue Memorial Park Canadian Geese Mitigation Edition

April 19, 2022


Mayor’s Message (Donahue Memorial Park Canadian Geese Mitigation Edition):

Dear Cornwall-on-Hudson residents, neighbors, and friends:

Apologies for double messages today, but wanted to alert residents and visitors to Donahue Memorial Park to an ongoing Village project. Last year, we received a number of complaints regarding the plentiful amount of Canadian Geese fecal matter at the park. It could certainly be a health hazard to those who sit or lie in the grass, as well as a safety hazard posed to those who slip on the feces. After reaching out to the USDA Wildlife Services Division, was advised of their efforts to capture and either harvest (donated to food banks) or relocation provision. When we publicly announced we were exploring this means, a number of residents requested we attempt other, more humane options. Several offered to donate mitigation devices that included latex, faux-predator (with-lifelike tails) geese deterrents. Two generous donors – Rick and Barbara Gioia and Tom Dicarrado provided some to Village at no cost. We thank them for their generosity.

The faux-predators will be emplaced around DMP. Will routinely rotate them to different positions during scheduled mowings of the park. Fingers crossed they serve as a solution. So, advise family and friends NOT to call Animal Control over our “foxes” and coyotes.” We expect, with good reason, to get some chuckles over this – but know we are exhausting all humane methods in order to find a way to coexist with our local wildlife.

Faux Fox
Faux Coyote

On behalf of your Village Board,

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano


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