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Cornwall-on-Hudson Has New Format for its Water Bills

The Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson has introduced a new format for its water bills. A postcard has replaced the perforated envelope that residents of the Town of Cornwall as well as the village receive.
The new format is a step toward a paperless system that will simplify paying village water bills.
“As with any new procedure, we are working to smooth out any difficulties,” Mike Trainor, Village Water Superintendent, said. “We appreciate customers’ patience as we work through the challenges of the new format.”

The name, address, account number and amount owed appear on the postcard. Part of the process includes changing account numbers; the old account numbers are on file. The postcard has a return stub that can be separated and mailed or dropped off with payment. Other municipalities, including the towns of Goshen, Monroe, New Windsor and Warwick, use the postcard format for its water bills.

Some residents have provided feedback on the new system. Some are concerned that postcard format shows their information. Few people see the postcards, however, and the data is public information. For those who are late with payments, the words “PAST DUE” will not appear on the postcards. Others are pleased that they no longer have to open a challenging envelope. 

Options are available for those who would rather not receive postcards and prefer other ways to pay their bills:

  • At any time, customers may prepay their bills and then have their balances  adjusted annually;
  • Customers may call the village office to arrange to get a reading and pay the amount due; Town of Cornwall residents are billed every odd month on the 30th; Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson residents are billed every even month on the 15th.

“If  anyone  has  any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call me at village hall (845-534-4200),” Trainor said.

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