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May 12, 2023


Dear Residents and Friends of the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson,

It’s Friday night – make it your own personal “date night” with the return of our “Movies on the Hudson” at Donahue Memorial Park. All the fun begins at 6:00 p.m. when "First Round" takes to the stage to play some of your favorite car-cruising music. Then once the sun sets, sit back and enjoy the original “Fast and Furious” movie from 2001. Weather forecast is absolutely PERFECT. What a way to spend an evening along the majestic Hudson River. I’ll be there to welcome all! Please don’t use that as a solid reason not to attend.

We also “cut the ribbon” this morning at our new composting toilets facility and they will remain open well past dusk tonight to conveniently service all of our band/movie attendees!

On behalf of your Village Board,

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano



Dear Residents and Friends of the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson,
This, why I do so enjoy the discoveries by the Village’s Records Management Clerk, Barbara Pflughaupt. How about this gem – a posted WANTED decree from the Village Board of Trustees seeking information leading to the arrest and conviction of the trespassing rapscallion(s) behind the after-hours “destroying [of] books, plugging locks and [commission of] other depredations” at the old Cornwall-on-Hudson Library, all during the Roaring Twenties? Absolute GOLD.
One can only wonder what those “depredations” were -- left as ambiguous vagaries by then Village Clerk Fred B. King and noticed on behalf of the Village Board on August 1, 1925.
We’ve located no subsequent posting of the successful apprehension(s) by COHPD within our 1925 records. So, the 2023 Village Board encourages all residents to keep their eyes peeled. If you see something, say something. Let’s locate and bring to justice these vandals – all of whom must be aged around 120 years old now. Justice delayed is justice denied.
With tongue planted firmly in cheek and on behalf of your Village Board,
James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano

April 21, 2023

Mayor’s Message

To all Cornwall-on-Hudson and Cornwall residents:

It is with profound sadness that I announce on behalf of the Moulton family that the Village’s 26th mayor, Edward C. Moulton Jr., 92, passed away early yesterday morning in Ossining, New York. Mayor Moulton served as the Village’s longest-tenured chief executive between 1981 and 2007. I have been in contact with the family via his son, Curt, and have been advised that a posted obituary is pending and that there will be a funeral service held on Saturday, May 20, 2023, at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Cornwall, NY, replete with full U.S. Military honors for the 20-year United States Air Force veteran. Mayor Moulton is predeceased by his beloved wife, Floranne (Terwilliger) Moulton.

The Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York will acknowledge Mayor Moulton’s lifetime of dedication and service to our nation and to this community. Flags have been ordered to be lowered to half-mast position in the Village and in the Town of Cornwall. Purple mourning bunting applied to Village Hall. This honoring shall remain in effect until our former mayor’s cremains have been inurned. Town Supervisor Josh Wojehowski has directed all Town of Cornwall flags assume the same posture. CCSD Superintendent Terry Dade has ordered the flag at COHES to be lowered until Monday, as well. Mrs. Moulton was a longtime teacher in the Cornwall Central School District.

I will share appropriate memoriam in the Cornwall Local in an attempt to capture what Mayor Moulton has meant to this community since moving here in 1972. Please keep the family in your prayers.

Attached are photos that showcase Village Hall mourning posture, as well as photos that include Mayor Moulton from the May 4, 2021 Village Mayors Round Table, shortly before the Village Board voted to approve naming the Board Room in Mayor Moulton’s honor.

Rest in peace, sir.

On behalf of the Village Board,

Mayor Gagliano

Mayor’s Message [2023 Summer Playground Camp Edition]:

Village residents,

Attached are two important notices that highlight arrangements made between the Town of Cornwall, Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson, and Cornwall Central School District; related to 2023 Summer Camp/Summer Playground. With almost all of the district’s school facilities being taken offline this summer for necessary renovations and repairs, the CCSD recognized the inherent difficulties for working parents if our municipalities were unable to secure a school venue to host our camps this year -- and possibly next year, as well.

A deal was struck to conjoin the Village and Town camps and utilize Cornwall Elementary School, located at 99 Lee Road in Cornwall, NY 12518. For efficiency and oversight purposes and to limit footprint of an expected 250 (give or take) grade school kids, kindergarteners will be directed to the Town’s Kinder Kamp (flyer one) and rising first through eighth graders will enroll as per instructions provided on flyer two. There will be no separations or distinctions related to “town” or “village” kids – only by age groups.

These necessary adjustments may result in some frustrations over changes. Please know that this is “new” for all of us and Cornwall’s leaders are working to minimize disruptions to your plans. Camp will run from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. -- an additional hour for those accustomed to COH’s Summer Playground schedule. And to make this work, the still well-below-market-value tuition rate has been set for ALL Cornwall and Cornwall-on-Hudson residents at $300.00 for the full six-week camp. This will require both Town Council and Village Board to subsidize monies to make “numbers” work and provide some financial relief for residents due to current sky-high inflation and rising “everything” costs.

As per the flyers, the Town of Cornwall Recreation Department (located at Munger Cottage) will handle registrations Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. There will be no separate Village registration. For families of campers accustomed to attending Summer Playground, we understand that Cornwall Elementary School at Lee Road slightly increases your commute for drop-off and pickups. If transportation is problematic, please notify Rec. Department staff at registration, and the Village will determine if numbers support provision of some type of shuttle service. Again, please be patient with us as we all deal with a “new normal” for near future. We fully understand how critical camp is for child development and working parents’ schedules. This Town, Village and CCSD collaboration was only viable and available solution here.  

On behalf of the Village Board,

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano

Village Mayor


From Cornwall, New York’s Director of Office of Emergency Management Kurt Hahn:

If anyone is impacted by power outages or lack of heat – needing a place to warm up – call or text Director Hahn at (845) 629-6873 or email him at [email protected]

Also, be certain to report your outage to Central Hudson:

Director Hahn advises that currently still have 70 residents in Town of Cornwall without power and 21 in the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson. These dangerously frigid temperatures are no joke. Reach out to if need any assistance. OEM is providing warming center locations and information on social media. Check on your neighbors. We can assist, but need to know soonest! Town Supervisor Wojehowski and I remain connected with Cornwall OEM and will provide any updates on our municipal websites and Facebook pages when available.

URGENT: OEM 9:41 a.m. update:

Village 100% power restoration and 60 left to receive restoration of services in Town.

On behalf of the Village Board,

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano

Mayor of Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York


Per the Village Clerk's Office: Our primary warming and cooling center for the Town of Cornwall and Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson:
Cornwall Public Library
395 Hudson Street
Cornwall, NY 12518
ATS Generator Power - Natural Gas installed June 2022
Normal Hours:
Mon-Thurs 9A-8P
Fri 9A-6P
Sat 9A-4P
Su 1P-4P
Secondary for after hours and demand activated by Cornwall OEM:
Munger Cottage
40 Munger Drive
Cornwall, NY 12518
845-534-8100 - Cornwall Dispatch has key to open
ATS Generator Power - Natural Gas

February 2, 2023
Dear Cornwall-on-Hudson residents, neighbors, and friends:
Here is my letter to the editor of the Cornwall Local, memorializing Cornwall-on-Hudson Head Mechanic James P. Sebesta and published on front page of Cornwall Local today:
Madam Editor:
Our Village family is grieving. Last week, following a brief illness, Cornwall-on-Hudson Head Mechanic James Paul Sebesta, 55, passed away while surrounded by loving family. Tragically, the sudden, unexpected loss has devastated the Sebesta family – longtime Cornwall residents, including two siblings who also serve our community as public servants. Sebesta’s passing has deeply affected Village employees who worked closely with him across the nearly 23 years he served within our Department of Public Works. Our DPW Superintendent Dave Halvorsen shared this with me: “Jim Sebesta took great pride in his work. He was always up for the challenge. If he didn’t have the tool he needed for a job – he would make one. His gift was fabrication; anything from storage racks, snow plow blades, and street sweeper accessories. He often selflessly put in time after work to assist employees with their personal vehicle issues.”
Jim’s older sister, Paula Sebesta-Howard, our Deputy Village Treasurer, allowed that her baby brother “loved tinkering with machines at a very young age.” Paula explained to me that when Jim was a child, he earned his knack for small engine repair by countless hours spent disassembling and reassembling engines with their father. Understandably emotional, she shared his three primary loves: Family (especially his grandkids), Camping, and NASCAR. I also know that Jim loved being an older brother to his little sister – Kristen Sebesta-Boyle. Kristen served as COVAC president for many years and spent countless hours serving our community in the emergency services realm. Witnessing her softly weep on the shoulder of Jim’s boss, Dave Halvorsen, on Thursday pulled on more heartstrings than I care to count.
In my current role, I had innumerable encounters with Jim, as he fiercely advocated for his guys as an elected CSEA representative. He was a fierce negotiator on matters that impacted “his guys” and his insight and command of the facts were something that he jokingly reminded me were coming from “a simple BOCES graduate.” That humility applied the perfect patina to his rough and tumble mien. There was nothing “simple” about Jim Sebesta. He accomplished more in 55 years than most could in a century. He will be sorely missed. Rest in peace, Brother.
May his memory be a blessing.
On Behalf of the Village Board,
James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano
Mayor, Cornwall-on-Hudson

January 26, 2023


Dear Cornwall-on-Hudson residents, neighbors, and friends:

This is a message I dread having to share. This morning, at approximately 5:15 a.m., our Head Mechanic, Jim Sebesta, passed away. Surrounded by loving family at Westchester Medical Center, he fought a short, heroic battle for life. I have been in contact with both of his sisters – Paula Sebesta-Howard, our Deputy Village Treasurer and Kristen Sebesta-Boyle, who served our community for years as a first responder and president of COVAC. Suffice it to say, our Department of Public Works employees who knew Jim well and worked alongside him for many years, are devastated and distraught.

Jim was hired by the Village on April 10, 2000. For almost 23 years, he served our community with honor and distinction. As our Head Mechanic, he turned enough wrenches and made enough critical mechanical decisions across decades to keep our vehicle fleet safe and operational -- in order to deliver services that Village residents have become accustomed to and which they richly deserve.

My experiences in this position with Jim are related to CSEA union matters when he acted as a delegate and would respectfully come see me to discuss a contractual matter. He was a fierce advocate for “the men” – as he referred to his colleagues. And no matter how passionately he argued a point, he was respectful and civil. His last words to me several weeks ago: “Okay, Boss, I hear you. However, you know I have to speak up for my guys.”

THAT, was the essence of Jim Sebesta.

We, as a Village team are reeling. And we will honor our fallen member.

At my direction, flags within the Village have been lowered to half-mast. They will remain in this posture until our brother has been appropriately buried. Black and purple mourning bunting has been applied to the outside of Village Hall and to a vehicle in front of our DPW Building on Shore Road.

I’d like to personally thank Town Supervisor Josh Wojehowski and Highway Department Superintendent Tommy Gschwind. At the Supervisor’s direction, Town of Cornwall flags have been lowered to half-mast, as well, to honor Jim Sebesta. As Tommy told me today in a message expressing his condolences – “We are ONE Cornwall.” I will keep everyone apprised -- once funeral arrangements and services have been scheduled by the family. 

With heavy heart,

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano

Mayor, Cornwall-on-Hudson

December 14, 2022


Mayor’s Message (Donahue Memorial Park Composting Toilets Installation Edition):

Dear Cornwall-on-Hudson residents, neighbors, and friends:

A number of years ago, the Village was awarded a $60,000.00 DASNY grant for the procurement and installation of an environmentally-friendly composting toilets facility to be positioned down at Donahue Memorial Park on the Cornwall-on-Hudson waterfront. The Dormitory Authority of the State of New York serves as our state’s “public finance and construction authority” and is charged with building health and education infrastructure. It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic moved folks outdoors and motivated many residents and visitors alike to enjoy leisurely outdoor activities at the riverfront. The influx of park users necessitates a more permanent restroom facility and in keeping with Donahue Memorial Park’s standing as the birthplace of the modern Environmental Movement’s efforts along the Hudson River Valley, composting toilets made for a great solution. It’s a great marriage of necessity and values commitment.

By definition, composting toilets “provide an alternative to flush toilets by disposing of human waste while minimizing the use of water.” The process “mixes the waste with sawdust, peat moss or coconut coir and vents the flow of air outward.” This sequence “eliminates odor through an anaerobic processing system.” Don’t ask me how it works. I received a “C” in Engineering in college, and the professor was very generous with that mark. Seriously, we are excited to see how this all works and trust it improves experiences at DMP, while contributing to our sustainability and resiliency as a community. Attached are six images of yesterday’s installation. Many thanks to the folks at Quality Auto Body for housing and transporting the unit for us and to Spagnoli Excavating for the install.

Finally, thanks again to all of our volunteers and the many committees who pitched in, worked together, and made our inaugural Winter Wonderland and dual Town and Village tree-lightings an unqualified success. Stay tuned for details regarding our upcoming annual New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in Village Square. We have added some new wrinkles that are designed to make this the most epic ball drop ever as we welcome in 2023!

On behalf of your Village Board,

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano


November 3, 2022


Mayor’s Message (Critical Infrastructure and Orange County I.D.A. Edition):

Dear Cornwall-on-Hudson residents, neighbors, and friends:

This probably serves as the most important message, to date, I have shared with you as the mayor. As our Village department heads can attest, I acknowledge a long-held leader axiom which directs: “Bad news comes to me immediately and good news can wait until Monday morning.” I share immediate news regarding Cornwall’s aging critical infrastructure. The Department of Homeland Security identifies sixteen sectors as “critical infrastructure.” Two of them – 1) Water and Wastewater Systems and 2) Dams Sector within the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson and Town of Cornwall require some immediate attention. Let me outline concerns and remediation plans one by one:

Firstly, please review the three attached photos of pipes that deliver water to greater Cornwall customers. Photo one depicts a failed section of 10” water main recently replaced under Hudson Street. The pipe is cast iron and was installed in 1895. Note the fissure. Twenty-five percent of our 52 miles of Cornwall water piping is 1895 vintage.

Photo two depicts failed section of 1927-installed 2” piping riddled with holes and replaced along Chestnut Street.

Photo two depicts failed section of 1927-installed 2” piping riddled with holes and replaced along Chestnut Street.

And finally, photo three, which highlights sediment and sludge built up within a section of 2” piping laid in1955. Should this not concern all of us?

, photo three, which highlights sediment and sludge built up within a section of 2” piping laid in1955. Should this not concern all of us?

So, what to do about it? Well, the Village Board of Trustees recently approved an expenditure of funds to have our engineers draft a comprehensive plan to include recommendations related to immediate and future required maintenance, an assessment of necessary capital improvements, and suggested funding sources. It will serve as a priority roadmap to ensure timely and necessary repairs and upgrades BEFORE we endure yet another failure of mains and connective piping. This places us in a proactive – rather than a reactive or defensive – posture. It also includes our dams. Cornwall is supplied water through two primary sources (five reservoirs and a well field) that have allowed us to avoid, of recent, having to draw water from the New York Aqueduct.

Yet, the reservoirs have to remain drawn-down to lower levels because of the aging, decrepit, failing dams that support them. This is not hyperbole when I advise that in some places (Ex: Sphagnum Reservoir), the dam is supported by plywood and 2x4 “reinforcements.” This is wholly unacceptable. Yet, repairs to that dam could cost upwards of a million and a half dollars. No easy fix and nothing cheap about necessary repairs.

And finally, regarding our wastewater (sewer) system – speaking of Cornwall-on-Hudson – the “mapping” of our sewers consists of photocopied, spiral-bound notebook paper with hand drawn lines connecting manhole covers. Not exactly 21st century technology. We have also noted several sections within the Village where sewage backups have become more frequent. How are we tackling this issue? Firstly, there are some immediate needs to install “benches” within a number of manholes in order to better direct water flow and

ensure enough velocity for sewage movement. I will ask the Village Board to support emergency contingency funding (we have a budget line) for this effort. Longer-term plans will include gaining Board support to include, in the soon-to-be compiled 2023-2024 budget, a similar engineers-conducted sewer project (akin to the ongoing water system evaluation), which should include mapping that is more recent than some ninety years.

Final-final note on our wastewater/sewer system: As I toured the “pleasant” environs of popped, problematic manhole covers this past week, the “aromatic splendors” were somewhat exacerbated by VISIBLE clogs attributed to baby wipes. Friends and neighbors, PLEASE, ignore the hype – there does not currently exist a “flushable wipe.” Help your neighbors avoid a backup of sewage into their home because you chose to flush baby wipes, Clorox wipes, Lysol wipes, baby diapers, or a giraffe. Enough said.

The issues and remedies outlined above are all time-consuming and costly. Costs should be borne out over time and intelligently triaged. As I committed when I ran for this position, I will ensure we are actively engaged on these issues. And I will make certain we are exploring available funding sources – beyond tax dollars – wherever/whenever available.

Okay, that completes the “bad news” upfront.

Now, some good news. Bill Fioravanti, the CEO of Orange County’s Industrial Development Agency, has graciously agreed to make a short presentation (similar to the one he recently delivered at the October meeting of the Orange County Association of Towns, Villages, and Cities) that will help demystify the processes and rubric that is applied to IDA decisions regarding tax abatements. This may help bust some of the myths about the IDA’s dealings and residents will be able to view, via our livestream, the presentation when delivered at 7:00pm at the Village Board business meeting on Monday, November 21, 2022. Following the presentation, there will be a short Q&A between Mr. Fioravanti and the Village Board. Make certain to catch this in person or view online. Note: Currently, there are no Cornwall or COH matters for consideration before the IDA.

Lastly, I am thrilled to announce that, yet again, the Town and Village have made a commitment to work together, this time in relation to our observances of Winterfest and the Holiday Season – to include our two Christmas Tree lightings. Only details I can share now are the date: Sunday, December 4, 2022 and the volunteer committees participating: Greater Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, the Cornwall Youth Committee, Main Street Committee, Storm King Engine 2 and Highland Engine Company1. Stay tuned for exciting developments and details soon shared by Supervisor Wojehowski and yours truly.        

On behalf of your Village Board,

Mayor James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano




WHEREASthere exists the possibility of vandalism and destruction of property beyond the scope of ordinary Halloween merriment and pranksterism as determined by Village officials and police officers; and

WHEREASevidence that such destructive acts have occurred and threaten to continue is apparent at this time and prompt action specifically aimed at the source of such threatened and actual damage is required to minimize damage and protect the public health, safety and welfare.

NOWpursuant to the authority invested in the office of the Mayor of the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson, as Chief Executive pursuant to Executive Law §24, be it

ORDEREDthat a state of local emergency is proclaimed within the corporate limits of the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson. The state of emergency shall be effective Monday, October 312022 at 8:00 PM through Tuesday, November 12022 at 5:30 AMunless rescinded or modifiedand

ORDEREDthat a curfew for all persons under the age of 18 years during such state of local emergency between MondayOctober 31, 2022 at 8:00 PM through TuesdayNovember 12022 at 5:30 AMis hereby declared, except for such persons who are traveling to or from bona fide employment or traveling to or from an authorized   school   activityor on an errand concerning medical or other emergency;

ORDEREDthat all persons during such state of local emergency shall refrain from the following conduct between the hours of Monday, October 312022 at 8:00 PM through Tuesday, November 12022 at 5:30 AM:

  1. Presence in or upon public streets or other public areas in groups larger than five persons. Presence in or upon private property in groups larger than five persons without authorization from property owner.
  2. Presence in or upon public streets or other public areas while in possession of shaving cream, eggs, soap, rockstoothpastespray paint, flammable or combustible liquidsor any other items which may be used for vandalism.
  3. Presence in or upon a public street or other public area with a group of any size, where one member of group is in possession of any items described in number (2) above. Likewisepresence in or upon any private property without authorization from the owner in a group of any sizewhere one member of group is in possession of such items described in (2) above.

ORDEREDany person knowingly violating this order be subject to arrest pursuant to Executive Law §24(5); and

ORDEREDthat this order be executed in triplicate and be publishedtransmitted and filed pursuant to Executive Law §24(3).



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