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Please find the most up to date notices from the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson.

March 4, 2022
Dear Cornwall-on-Hudson residents, neighbors, and friends:
This serves as the second installment of our inaugural Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson recognition editions -- in order to publicly acknowledge and highlight our deserved employee workforce. Next iteration will shine a spotlight on the Police Department.
Here are a quick, few “fun facts” regarding our Water Department, which services both the Village and the Town – a total of 13,000 residents. You should know:
1) The Water Department has a $3.1M annual operating budget.
2) For 2021, we produced 280,356,000 gallons of treated water.
3) 52 miles of water main pipes and 325 hydrants, with 2,665 service connections (supplying 8,500+ consumers) are maintained by our department.
4) Also maintain over 100 acres of watershed properties, 3 treatment plants, 28 pressure-regulating valves, along with 5 reservoirs and dams. In short – It’s a HUGE responsibility.
Let this serve as a quick “get-to-know-better” the men and women who ensure that when we turn on the taps in our homes and businesses we have delivered clean, safe, available drinking water. It appears a simple feat – but there is far more to it than meets the eye.
Photo One: Don Bryde, who serves as our Chief Water Plant Operator.
Don Bryde, who serves as our Chief Water Plant Operator.
Photo Two: Conor Watts, who serves as a Water Plant Assistant.
Conor Watts, who serves as a Water Plant Assistant.
Photo Three: Rich Smith, the Water Department’s Assistant Leader.
Rich Smith, the Water Department’s Assistant Leader
Photo Four: (L-R), Joe McCormick (Water Maintenance Worker), Dan Nye (Water Maintenance Leader), and Anthony Gagliano (Water Maintenance Worker).
 Joe McCormick (Water Maintenance Worker), Dan Nye (Water Maintenance Leader), and Anthony Gagliano (Water Maintenance Worker).
Photo Five: (L-R), Meagan Gschwind, Stephanie Xagoraris (Administrative Assistants).
Meagan Gschwind and Stephanie Xagorais
Photo Six: A future Water Department Employee (Hopefully).
A future Water Department Employee (Hopefully)
Photo Seven: Our intrepid Water Superintendent, Michael Trainor.
Our intrepid Water Superintendent, Michael Trainor
Thank you, Cornwall-on-Hudson Water Department. We ALL truly appreciate your work.
On behalf of a grateful Village Board and greater Cornwall community,
James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano

February 25, 2022


Dear Cornwall-on-Hudson residents, neighbors, and friends:

This one is LONG overdue. This morning, Old Man Winter’s stubborn refusal to depart the region in a timely fashion, and on good terms, made me realize how truly blessed we are to have such a dedicated and committed Village Department of Public Works. I pledge to do a better job publicly acknowledging and highlighting our amazing workforce more frequently. Next editions will spotlight the Water Department and the Police Department.

For this DPW, Highway, and Sanitation Departments’ edition, how about these guys?

Casey Brown, Superintendent Dave Halvorsen, and Andrew Poalla after the Village Hall parking lot was plowed and treated this morning

Photo One: (L-R) Casey Brown, Superintendent Dave Halvorsen, and Andrew Poalla after the Village Hall parking lot was plowed and treated this morning (repeatedly).

Andy Stathes, Wayne Yeoman, Tommy Lyons, Pat Conley, and Eric Vandemark

Photo Two: They balked at my camera-happy posture after plowing and treating our Village streets since 3:30 a.m., but I corralled them at the DPW Building. From left to right, Andy Stathes, Wayne Yeoman, Tommy Lyons, Pat Conley, and Eric Vandemark.

Pat Cody, Luis De la Cruz, and Pat Conley

Photo Three: I asked the DPW to refinish, renovate, refurbish, and bring back to life a more than 100-year-old work session table that is in all likelihood the OLDEST piece of furniture in existence in Village government. Handcrafted in Indianapolis around the turn of the century, it was in sore need of repair and a tiny bit of TLC. These guys nailed it. Expert craftsmen, all. Left to right, Pat Cody, Luis “Sweet Lou” De la Cruz, and Pat Conley. Museum-quality piece now. We know that this table served as the mayor’s “desk” and conveyance for board meetings when it existed at the old Village Hall at 3 River Avenue (currently Pepettini Restaurant) until the early 1990s. It is a Village treasure.

Thank you, Village Department of Public Works. We all truly appreciate your work. 

On behalf of a truly grateful Village Board and community,

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano


Maryors Obremski, Randazzo & Moulton

February 16, 2022


SPECIAL NOTICE: In Memoriam Charles P. Obremski

Dear Cornwall-on-Hudson residents, neighbors, and friends:

It with heavy heart that I report to you the passing of the Village’s 24th mayor, Charles P. Obremski on Monday, February 14, 2022. The following is the family’s posted obituary on the Quigley-Sullivan funeral home site:

Charles P. Obremski was born on September 11, 1946 in Passaic, New Jersey to Charles J. and Anna (Tichansky) Obremski. He died on February 14, 2022 in Newburgh, New York. Charlie is survived by his wife of 49 years, Nancy (Howell); his sons: Gregory and Christian (Alexandra); his grandchildren: Anna, John, Elisabeth, and Maria; and by his sister Maryann.

Charlie was a graduate of Boston University and New York University School of Law. He maintained a law practice in Cornwall, New York for nearly 50 years. He was a retired Army Major with the New Jersey National Guard and served as a Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson Auxiliary Police Officer. He was also Mayor of the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson from 1977-1979. Charlie was a patriot who loved the Constitution and the rights afforded therein. He will be deeply missed by his family, friends, and colleagues.

Visitation will be held on Friday, February 18th from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Quigley-Sullivan Funeral Home, 337 Hudson Street, Cornwall-On-Hudson, NY. Based on new CDC guidelines adopted by NYS, fully vaccinated individuals do not need to wear masks or be socially distanced, but unvaccinated individuals must continue to wear masks and be socially distanced in the funeral home. Burial will be private. End.

I have directed all four Village flags to be lowered to half-mast position through this weekend. Black mourning bunting supplied by Storm King Engine Company #2 has been applied to two sides of Village Hall to honor our former mayor. Was privileged and honored to meet with Mayor Obremski when the Village hosted a former mayors’ summit in May of last year at Village Hall. The attached photograph is from that event and also depicts former Cornwall-on-Hudson mayor, Edward C. Moulton, Jr. and former Town supervisor and Village trustee, Richard Randazzo, as the three share a laugh.

On behalf of the Village Board, we wish Godspeed to Mayor Obremski and pray his family finds peace, comfort, and solace in his legacy of service to our nation, and this Village, and realizes just how much this somber news has impacted our community.

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano



January 21, 2022


SPECIAL ALERT for IMMEDIATE RELEASE: COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit Distribution in Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York:

Dear Cornwall residents, neighbors, and friends:

On behalf of Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus, Town Supervisor Josh Wojehowski, and both the Village and Town Boards, we have been designated a COVID-19 rapid test kit P.O.D. (point of distribution) tomorrow morning, Saturday, January 22, 2022, in the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York.

Now, please understand, this allocation of FREE test kits is being made available to ALL Orange County residents. This does NOT serve as a Cornwall-centric only giveaway. We have more than enough kits and will distribute until we run out. But ALL intended recipients MUST enter the queue from 9W and along Shore Road. NO EXCEPTIONS. Exit will be up Dock Hill Road and then through Cornwall-on-Hudson via egress roads.

Details: 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning at Donahue Memorial Park (the Cornwall-on-Hudson riverfront). Two packages (4 total tests) per vehicle – WITH proof of Orange County, NY residence.

Access: You MUST access the P.O.D. from 9W, and along Shore Road to DMP. Follow all the signage and the police and DPW officials’ directions along the route. Please be patient with our volunteers, they are here to serve you and the Orange County community.

Members of both the Village and Town Boards will be there along the route.

Looking forward to seeing anyone who needs test kits.

On behalf of Town Supervisor Josh Wojehowski and both community boards,

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano



December 29, 2021



Dear Cornwall-on-Hudson residents, neighbors, and friends:

Yes, Virginia, there WILL be a 2022 Times Square-like ball drop this year in the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York. Village’s Special Events Committee is pleased to announce they are planning both an in-person celebration and livestream viewing option for those who cannot attend or choose not to. Livestream, via YouTube, can be accessed using below link on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2021, beginning around 11pm:

There will be music provided and a hard-stop at 12:30 a.m. to respect our neighbors.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in person or virtually.

On behalf of the Village Board,

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano



IMPORTANT UPDATE Regarding New York State Governor Kathy Hochul’s COVID-19-Related Executive Order and How It Impacts Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson Municipal Facilities:

Last Friday, Governor Hochul announced that, beginning Monday, all indoor public places – including restaurants, gyms, and offices, must either require people entering to wear a mask or show proof of vaccination. The edict does not permit a policy “mix and match.” The choice is one or the other.

The mandate can be found here:

With this in mind, and having consulted with other local municipalities as well as reviewed guidance from the CDC and the Orange County Department of Health, all Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson indoor facilities (Village Hall and DPW Building) will require all employees and visitors to wear a mask.

Our community in Cornwall-on-Hudson has done an excellent job in reaching a vaccinated rate of 74% amongst eligible recipients. Those interested in receiving a vaccine and/or booster can take advantage of the point of distribution (pod) locations available in Orange County and identified at below link:

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus has made clear that the County is not in a position to enforce this mandate. We will simply ask that all visitors to our Village buildings please comply with the request and if unable to do so, we will be happy to meet with you outside of the building to service your needs.

The mandate will remain in effect for one month, at which point the Governor’s Office will reassess and advise.

Appreciate the understanding. Any issues/questions, please reach out to me at (845) 534-4200 (x311).

James A. Gagliano


November 23, 2021

Dear Cornwall-on-Hudson residents, neighbors, and friends:

As we head into the Holiday Season, and on behalf of our Village Board, and all of our staff and employees, I’d like to wish each of you a peaceful and reflective Thanksgiving. There is an old adage that goes: “There is always, always something to be thankful for." We are all supremely blessed to be part of this wonderful Village of COH community.

Couple of quick items:

Reminder that the Village tree-lighting takes place on Sunday, December 5th at 5:30 p.m. -- the day after the Town’s. The Gioias (John and Jackie) will entertain us with Christmas songs and holiday cheer. We anticipate the annual visit by our special guest visiting from the North Pole. And Storm King Engine Company #2 will serve refreshments at the bandstand – as opposed to the firehouse – this year.

Hanukkah: Hanukkah begins at sundown on November 28th. Lighting of the first menorah candle will be celebrated at the Village Bandstand starting at 5:30pm on that date.

Lastly, you may notice that the one-sided Village welcome sign on Hudson Street (across from DB Mart) received a special addition this afternoon. Clayton Boone, the “artisan woodcarving craftsman whiz” from Sugar Loaf, NY crafted the original sign, at the behest of former Mayor Brendan Coyne. Today, Mr. Boone installed a wood panel to the backside of the sign that thanks travelers for visiting our beautiful Village and features the waterfront gazebo depicted in the Village seal. I’d like to thank Mr. Coyne, as well as the current Board who approved the addition (with much of the project funded by generous donors), for what I truly believe is a value-added piece of landscape artwork. Please see the attached photographs of the sign, the artist, and DPW Superintendent Dave Halvorsen and the members of DPW who helped with installation – Tom Lyons and Patrick Cody.   

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano


Dave Halvorsen, Patrick Cody, Tom Lyons and Clayton Boone



WHEREASthere exists the possibility of vandalism and destruction of property beyond the scope of ordinary Halloween merriment and pranksterism as determined by Village officials and police officers; and

WHEREASevidence that such destructive acts have occurred and threaten to continue is apparent at this time and prompt action specifically aimed at the source of such threatened and actual damage is required to minimize damage and protect the public health, safety and welfare.

NOWpursuant to the authority invested in the office of the Mayor of the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson, as Chief Executive pursuant to Executive Law §24, be it

ORDEREDthat a state of local emergency is proclaimed within the corporate limits of the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson. The state of emergency shall be effective Sunday, October 312021 at 8:00 PM through Monday, November 12021 at 5:30 AMunless rescinded or modifiedand

ORDEREDthat a curfew for all persons under the age of 18 years during such state of local emergency between SundayOctober 31, 2021 at 8:00 PM through MondayNovember 12021 at 5:30 AMis hereby declared, except for such persons who are traveling to or from bona fide employment or traveling to or from an authorized   school   activityor on an errand concerning medical or other emergency;

ORDEREDthat all persons during such state of local emergency shall refrain from the following conduct between the hours of Sunday, October 312021 at 8:00 PM through Monday, November 12021 at 5:30 AM:

  1. Presence in or upon public streets or other public areas in groups larger than five persons. Presence in or upon private property in groups larger than five persons without authorization from property owner.
  2. Presence in or upon public streets or other public areas while in possession of shaving cream, eggs, soap, rockstoothpastespray paint, flammable or combustible liquidsor any other items which may be used for vandalism.
  3. Presence in or upon a public street or other public area with a group of any size, where one member of group is in possession of any items described in number (2) above. Likewisepresence in or upon any private property without authorization from the owner in a group of any sizewhere one member of group is in possession of such items described in (2) above.

ORDEREDany person knowingly violating this order be subject to arrest pursuant to Executive Law §24(5); and

ORDEREDthat this order be executed in triplicate and be publishedtransmitted and filed pursuant to Executive Law §24(3).






October 22, 2021


Dear Cornwall-on-Hudson residents, neighbors, and friends:

With our last Village Board business meeting (10/18) available to view online and The Cornwall Local’s “Around Village Hall” feature in this week’s edition, no need for a detailed recitation of Board activity and all the exciting developments around our wonderful community.

Thought it would be fun – as we enter the 2022 budget plenary season – to share Cornwall-on-Hudson’s proposed budget for 1942. Think about this: In 1942, our great nation had just recently entered the Second World War. Gas was a whopping 20 cents per gallon, the typical American home set you back a cool $3,775, a new car was $920, and a ticket to the movie was 30 cents.

Take a look at the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson’s proposed expenditures for ’42, crack a smile, and have a great weekend, all.

On behalf of the Village Board,

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano



October 15, 2021

Dear Cornwall-on-Hudson residents, neighbors, and friends:

Tons of exciting events happening this weekend. Let me give you a quick rundown:

This Saturday morning (October 16th between 9:00am - 1:00pm) at Dock Hill Creek along Dock Hill Road, “Trees for Tribs” is teaming up with the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson to plant 60 trees and remove invasive species in and around Dock Hill Creek. If interested in participating, please meet at Pagenstecher Park at 8:59:59am. Please be prepared with gloves, sturdy shoes etc. and bring a shovel, pick axe or pruning shears, if able. Event will follow Orange County DOH COVID guidelines. If you are interested in volunteering for this effort or would like more event details, please contact the Cornwall Riverfront Committee at [email protected].

Also, this Saturday, between 9:00am and 4:00pm, Cornwall-on-Hudson will hold its annual Village-wide yard sale. Please register beforehand at (845) 534-9367.

The Cornwall Special Events Committee announces RAIN DATE RESCHEDULING: Beetlejuice will now be showing on Sunday due to the wind and rain forecast for tomorrow.

Details: Beetlejuice this Sunday, October 17 at Donahue Farm, 42 Bay View Avenue, Cornwall on Hudson. Music and food with the Farmhouse Market Food Truck from about 5pm on. Halloween Costume Contest with prizes at 5:30. Movie starts around 6pm. Walk if you can - parking is limited.

Special note: Village DPW curbside bulk pickup scheduled for Monday, October 18th.

October Village Board business meeting will be Monday, October 18th, at 7:00pm.

Have a wonderful weekend, all.

On behalf of the Village Board,

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano