Zoning Board Meeting

14 Jul, 2022 PM 7:00 — 14 Jul, 2022 PM 8:30   
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Village of Cornwall on Hudson

Zoning Board Agenda

July 14, 2022

7:00 p.m.

Old Business:

Approval of minutes from June 2022

New Business:

  1. 56-61 Firth Street LLC – 275 Hudson Street

Property is located on the south side of Hudson Street approximately 350 feet west from the intersection of Duncan Ave and Hudson St.  variances from §172-9(F)(11) of the Village Zoning Code (the “Code”) to allow for the addition of multifamily housing on a pre-existing non-conforming lot. 

The proposed variances that increase or create new conformities are (i) to allow for a lot area/ d. u. of 2, 047 sq. ft. when the Code requires 4,800 sq. ft., (ii) to allow a front yard setback of 31.3 ft. when the Code requires 40 ft., (iii) to permit only 16 off-street parking spaces when the Code requires 18, (iv) to allow a total side yard setback of 15.9 ft. when the Code requires 60 ft., (v) to allow a lot coverage of 24.7% when the Code permits only 20%, and (vi) to allow for no building offset when the Code requires 5 ft. at 40 ft.

The proposed variances for the pre-existing, nonconformities that are remaining but necessary because of the added density are (i) to permit a lot area of .42 acres when the Code requires 1 acre, (ii) to allow for a lot width of 109.1 ft. when the Code requires 150 ft., (iii) to permit one side yard setback of .85 feet when the Code requires 30 ft., (iv) to allow a rear yard setback of .32 ft. when the Code requires 30 ft., and (v) to permit a distance between buildings of 7.5 ft. when the Code requires 20 ft.

The property is situated at Section 107, Block 1, Lot 3 in the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson, said lot also being known as 275 Hudson Street.  The property is located in the SR (Suburban Residential) Zoning District and the CBS (Central Business Shopping) Subdistrict. The Zoning Board of Appeals will consider all verbal and/or written statements from all persons interested in the proposed variances at the above time and place. Copies of the variance application, Environmental Assessment Form, plans and any other information submitted in support of the variance application are available for review at the Code Enforcement Office located at 50 Shore Road, during normal business hours.


  1. Christopher Sager- 17 Paula Ct.

Referral to the Zoning Board of Appeal for an area variance for a new covered front porch. Front yard requires 30ft, proposed 19.7

172-70 Yard, Front – An open, unoccupied space on the same lot with a building, situated between the nearest roofed portion of the building and the front lot line of the lot and extending from side lot line to side lot line.


Next meeting August 11, 2022    


If you are unable to attend in-person, the meeting will be livestreamed. The link is



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    14 Jul, 2022 PM 7:00 — 14 Jul, 2022 PM 8:30
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